The owners of Explore More Northwest formerly lived in Spokane, WA where they encountered a juncture in their life where they had the choice to renew their lease on their cute little house across from the park or hit the open road and travel out of their small 60 square foot teardrop trailer to discover the unknown. With their two adventurous minds, a passion for the outdoors and way too many outdoor hobbies, it was an easy decision for them to take a step back from the daily grind and try a new lifestyle that would provide them absolute freedom to travel anywhere they could drive!

Four months later and over 120 nights in their T@B trailer, the teardrop lifestyle had empowered them to see and do things they had never dreamed of and they are absolutely thrilled to provide that opportunity for others! They are excited to give people the option to get out of town and go out and explore more, because beautiful places are waiting to be seen, trails are waiting to be hiked on, campfires are waiting to be lit, and gosh darn it those smores need to be eaten!

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